Monday, December 5, 2011

PIXAR Production Internship Opportunity

It's been a while since I posted here, a lot has happened over the last few months - especially traveling and other exciting things! Now that I'm home and things have settled down, I'll be good and update more frequently.

Pixar Animation Studios in California contacted me a few weeks ago, saying they reviewed my application for the Production Internship and wanted to set up a time for me to speak with a recruiter. It was HANDS DOWN the most exciting thing that ever happened to me, I was shaking and trembling from joy when I read their email since it's always been my dream to work at Pixar.

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  1. Hey Michelle,

    As I was surfing the net for fun facts about the Production Internship at Pixar, I came across your blog. I too have been contacted for a phone interview and it has been the most exciting news of my life!! Since I'm assuming you went through with the phone interview, I'm wondering if you would be kind enough to share your experience? I'm sweating up a storm and have little time to spare. I would greatly appreciate your help from one Pixar fan to another. You can email me if that's better for you. Thanks so much and I hope you're doing great!